Formal Assessments of Pinoy Channel Dramas and Movies

A movie is always a good idea when you are getting bored, need some time to yourself, if you want to relax or if you want to spend time with your family or friends. But, finding a movie with good story line, good cast and production is a little hard sometimes. But, if you are fond of watching Filipino movies, there are many good movies to watch that you will like watching anytime.

To watch any Filipino movie, just log on to Pinoy Channel, it is an online streaming website from where you can watch any Tagalog movie or drama serial that you like. Pinoy Channel features the best quality movies that you can watch for free.

As for the best Filipino movies, here are reviews of some Tagalog movies that you will love watching from Pinoy Channel.

Talk Back and you’re Dead ( 2014)

Talk back and you are dead is a Filipino movie of 2014 that was released on 20th August. This movie is a teen romantic comedy movie that all the teenagers as well as adults will love watching. This movie is directed by Andoy Ranay and is produced by Vicente Del Rosario III and Vic Del Rosario Jr.

Talk back and you are dead is a movie about a girl and a boy, dressed up in costumes and making promises to marry one another one day. On the present day, Miracle notices that her friend Michie is arguing with a guy named Top who was with his girlfriend. Miracle thought that the guy was cheating on his girlfriend so she went there and slaps the guy. The story of this pinoy channel ru starts from there to the end where Miracle and Top realizes something from the great past.
Watch Talk back and you are dead to find out what it was.

Cast of Talk back and you are dead:

  • James Ried as Top
  • Nadine Lustre as Miracle
  • Joseph Marco as Red

My Amnesia Girl (2010)

My Amnesia Girl is another best Filipino movie that was released on 24th November 2010. It is a romantic comedy movie with five star ratings. This movie is directed by Cathy Garcia Molina and is a story written by Jade Castro.
My Amnesia Girl is a story about a couple Glen and Irene. They both are engaged after a long term relationship and are all set to be married. At the last moment, Glen saw all his friends having fun travelling the world, he changed his mind and left Irene waiting at the altar on their wedding day.

Irene shortly acquired Amnesia and she forgot everything including Glen. Glen Apollo realizes that he had made a terrible mistake by leaving Irene and felt that it was the perfect source and way to win Irene back.

My Amnesia Girl

Glen became friends with Irene again and they both gradually started to have feelings for each other too. In the end, they both had to accept the mistakes that they had made in the past and moving on with their lives, together.

Cast of My Amnesia Girl:

  • Toni Gonzaga as Irene
  • John Lloyd Cruz as Glen Apollo

Note: for other details and video of this pinoy drama serial click here.

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